who we are

who we are
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Welcome to Vale do Café!

Convention & Visitors Bureaux is a strong national and international non-profit organization. They act as a promotion, dissemination and business office for the tourism industry in the cities in which they operate, and provide useful information for planning events and developments in the sector. They were created in the 19th century in the USA. In Brazil there are more than 45.

Vale do Café C&VB was born in 2019 with regional characteristics. It was created by citizens and entrepreneurs from six nearby cities, with similar cultural and economic characteristics, in the demarcated tourist region of Vale do Café.

With less than a year of existence, Vale do Café C&VB already had more than 80 members. These associates keep the firm’s effective actions alive through a monthly collaboration.

We promote the Tourism industry and the sustainable socioeconomic development of a production chain that involves 52 different sectors. One of our goals is to generate business and new opportunities for our associates and highlight Vale do Café as a top tourist destination.

We structured the integrated visitation of the municipalities of Vassouras, Mendes, Engineer Paulo de Frontin, Miguel Pereira, Paty do Alferes and Juparanã (district), without failing to cover the region, aiming at quality national and international markets.

The tourism office of Vale do Café C&VB is located in Vassouras at Praça Martinho Nóbrega, 40, Centro – Vassouras, RJ. We serve in person during business hours and provide detailed information on our social networks, through facebook, twitter  and instagram.


Vale do Café Convention & Visitors Bureau


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