what to do

what to do

What to do in Vale do Café: nature activities, waterfalls, lots of culture.

The discovery of Rio de Janeiro passes through the Vale do Café.

Are you looking for a place with peace, music and beauty? A place where simplicity is sophisticated?

Have you thought about being dazzled by the mythical region of the Mangalarga horse, and the main studs of marching horses?

Or go out after birds, gardens and ancient, sacred trees?

Visit palaces, quilombos, farms, churches, immerse yourself in Brazilianness and history embedded in the Forest

Listening to jongo, maculelê, caninha verde, revelry, understanding the indigenous, African and European roots of Rio de Janeiro’s culture and music, and dancing?

Or are you just thinking about resting, recharging your energy, without crowding?

Would you like to find original products that you haven’t seen anywhere else?

Feel the texture in your hands, the smell, and buy in backyards, coffee plantations, breweries, stills,
vegetable gardens, sweets, workshops, farms and farms?

Who knows how to get your family, your hiking shoes and map the territory?

Stop in front of the largest river in southeastern Brazil and understand the strength of this water?

So don’t waste time: Vale do Café is YOU.
Be dazzled by clicking below and pack your bags!

water path
by bike, moto or car
farms and horse farms
ornamental plants
bow and arrow
cheese, chocolate, sweets and more
therapies and meditation
clinics and doctors of vale
organic routes
adventure sports
museums and cultural centers
waterfalls and belvederes
around horses
antique and fourniture stores