melodies and drums

melodies and drums

“He who sings, flies” people of the forest taught us here in the Valley.
This is a “sound land”, from a long musical tradition. 

From forest peoples (called by the discovers by indians), the Valley’s first inhabitants, we learned to love the music of Nature and dance with it. We acquired from them the love and knowledge of our birds. (Be sure to try it:  it’s amazing to be carried away by the sounds of spring mornings in the Atlantic Forest!

Then came Europe’s melancholic melodies. The wonderful drums from Africa. The traditions of maculelê, symphonic bands, accordion players…

Vale do Café grew an orchestra of nations, and in music it created a unique harmony.
It is today the home of Jongo, father of Samba, grandfather of Bossa Nova.
The declared inspiration of Bossa Nova is the sea, the secret one, is the mountain.

Calango lives here. The songs of Caninha Verde, Capoeiras and Folias too.
Symphonic bands with traditions of more than 100 years gather together every week. Social projects teach music, children learn from percussion to bassoon, to harp, with PIM de Vassouras. 

Great brazilian artists were born in the Valley, such as Rosinha de Valença, Clementina de Jesus, Herivelto Martins, Juliana Maia, or chose him to live or vacation, such as Villa Lobos, Luiz Gonzaga, Turíbio Santos, Cristina Braga and Ricardo Medeiros … This is it. 

Find surprising places, where you can listen all year round, good music in Vale do Café!

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