Vale do Café, destination wedding.

Vale do Café is a romantic destination by nature.

Love cannot resist a pampering, a gastronomic meal with candle light as at Empório Sacra Família or Le Vélo Montagne, a sunset at the belvederes, as at the Morro do Parapente  or Vassouras Belvedere to see the city illuminated and the sky in the telescope… There are breathtaking gardens for dating, like the Love Tunnel at the Casa da Hera Museum, a picnic in Uaná Etê Ecological Garden at dusk in the “rose hour” toasting with a sparkling rosé, or by the lake at Fazenda Cachoeira Grande…


Discover historic churches to celebrate your wedding, such as the romantic Church of Sacra Família, or the elegant Matriz de Vassouras, without failing to sit on a stool in the Barão do Campo Belo square …

For a quick stop, because the life is sweet for those who love it, go to Café Chá Chocolate & Cia, or to Tentación Chileno.

At night be sure to go to Teatro Sonora for an MPB show. Infallible visits to conquer once and for all: the Orchid Factory where you can offer a beautiful orchid for your love, see small animals and do cheese and wine tasting at Capril Santa Terezinha …

Stay in magnificent farms where you can later make your destination wedding. Choose between Fazenda São Luiz da Boa Sorte, Fazenda União, Fazenda das Palmas, Fazenda Alliança, or the old Sacré Coeur Convent, at Santa Amália Hotel in Vassouras.

Cozy options like Vila Hibisco in the historical center, Villa Hibisco, Helga Ferreira place or Hotel Bliss, are a must.

Inside the forest, choose Tamba Tajá, Sítio Amazoel and the overnight experiences in nature from Uaná Etê Gardens.

As a plus, register your tour in beautiful photos, accompanied by photographer Humberto Moraes from Inova Foto Arte. If your goal is to discover the Vale do Café in a few days, this selection is also an excellent option to help you. Finally if you decide to marry in Vale do Café, the expert Simone Tostes from Aonde Casar  specialized in destination wedding, will be able to help your big dream come true.

Select your own itinerary from these many alternatives.

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