the architecture

the architecture
Arquitetura do Vale do Café fluminense, Vale do Café Turismo.

A visit with a close eye to observe the architecture of the Vale do Café is an unmissable program. For art lovers, Vale do Café is a living inventory of architectural styles around harmonious squares where life happens. Colonial, neoclassical, Art Nouveau, Art Déco, eclectic, rural, missions, kitsch… find what you want within a day’s walk.

Vassouras is a good tip to start, through representative examples that depict the urban evolution of the city.

But for ecological thinking, the Coffee Valley as a whole is a living example of fantastic bioclimatic architecture.

A huge percentage of its buildings use construction systems made of natural materials such as clay, straw, palm leaves, adobe, rammed earth.

The sustainability issues revisit this architecture with interest, as a result of the Indigenous, Portuguese, African, rural Brazilian building traditions and the availability of natural resources. Together they enabled the buildings to be adapted with great intelligence and care to the local climate.

The skills developed from the concepts of proximity, natural materials, thermal comfort through natural ventilation, ways to deal with humidity, to take advantage of the light, and to consider unnecessary energy expenditure with transporting materials are fascinating

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