Engenheiro Paulo de Frontin

Engenheiro Paulo de Frontin
Engenheiro Paulo de Frontin. Atlantic Forest. Green City, Birds, Forests, Mystery, Meditation Organic Circuit, Herbs, Spices.

Engenheiro Paulo de Frontin is one of the municipalities with the highest percentage of Atlantic Forest, in Brazil. Known as the green city, or city of birds, the secret here is to search for the forest and all the knowledge and mysteries that emanate from it. It is also a sure destination for the search for well-being, with a large number of therapists and meditation centers around the cities.

For golf lovers, or those who want to get started in the sport, the Fazenda das Palmas, with its beautiful and historic headquarters, offers a special 9-hole golf course with sculptures by Rafael D’Aló, Ceschiatti, Rubens Gerchman among others, and countless activities in nature, from cycling to night tours.

And all this at 85 km or 1h, 1h30 from Rio de Janeiro.

The green vocation is in evidence with its strong Association of Organic Producers, fairs, bird and animal watching activities, the Zoobotanic Institute of Morro Azul with courses and trails.

The eco cult Uaná Etê, a large garden dedicated to nature and music with more than 22 gardens, facilities and an artistic calendar of activities throughout the year is a reference for cultural tourism in the region. Many lakes permeate the municipality like Lago Azul and guarantee fun in farm hotels like the historic Fazenda Santa Bárbara that offer dynamic visitation for children, with trails, canoeing, pedal boats, horseback riding.

A testimonial of biodiversity, the flea frog, Psyllophryne Didactyla, the smallest frog in the world up to 10 mm, was scientifically described for the first time when found in the municipality, by researcher Eugênio Izecksohn.

The Grand Tunnel has more than 2 km, connecting Engenheiro Paulo de Frontin to Mendes, by railroad. It is also worth climbing the Pico do Lírio to see stunning scenery, and in days of good light, the Christ the Redeemer in Rio.

In the small town, charming cafes, candy factories, very kind and safe.

Not to be missed: the charming Sacra Família district of Caminho Novo do Tinguá, on the edge of the path opened by Garcia Paes Leme, son of Fernão, the Hunter of Emeralds, is one of the oldest in the entire valley. There, the small Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, dating from 1715, the oldest in the region, displays beautiful panels from Villaronga.

In their sunday services, it is possible to come with your pets. Incredible kindness and warmth that make this a unique experience: dogs attend in silence, as if in awe.

A city to keep in your heart.

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