Paty do Alferes

Paty do Alferes
Paty do Alferes. City of New Rural Production and Theater. Fishing, Orchids, Farms, Ateliers, Mangalarga Marchador horses

Paty do Alferes shows the strength, the fertility of the Earth. The oldest town in the region, holds in its essence the beauty of Confucius’ philosophy: “ I buy rice and flowers. Rice to live, and flowers to live for. ”

With a small town center, the secret in Paty do Alferes, is to visit the countryside. Crops, more open landscapes, farms and production farms make up a charming setting. Men and women who know how to deal with the land, receive prosperity from it and share delicacies with the entire Valley and Rio de Janeiro. Tomatoes, bay leaves, zucchinis, orchids, passion fruit, peppers, papayas, small miracles in profusion, supply pantries. They gain in the regional market, the Local distribution center in Paty, directly to the kitchens of local restaurants and supermarkets. From above, blessing everyone, an elegant native palm, Syagruspseudococos, Paty, gives its name to the municipality.

A friend: the Mangalarga Marchador Horse, a fellow countryman from the land producers, to help with the work of the field. Jewel of the region, unanimously loved by everyone in Vale do Café, docile and with a very comfortable water walk, designed in the historic Fazenda Mangalarga, preserved until today.

Important living landmarks in the municipality: Fazenda Pau Grande, from Sesmaria de Pau Grande, still from the beginning of the 19th century. The beautiful Mother Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição in Paty do Alferes, inaugurated in 1844. A route of freedom at the Quilombo (a hidden place, in the forest, where enslaved africans, indians and descendants built a community) from Manoel Congo, who led alongside with Mariana Crioula, the search for freedom of more than 400 Africans and their descendants, enslaved.

Art… Aldeia Arcozelo, is a beautiful legacy left to  Brazilian Theater by diplomat Pascoal Carlos Magno. Theater groups such as Celeiro das Artes operate in the municipality. Paty do Alferes has a strong history with musicians and visual artists such as sculptor Gabriel Fonseca, painter and teacher engraver Orlando da Silva, flutist Celso Woltzenlogel, bassist Ernesto Gonçalves, renowned musicians from the Rio de Janeiro scene. There are numerous painting, photography, ceramics workshops, scattered throughout the city. More than 30 artists work and live in Paty.

The Cachaça Museum, first of its kind in the country, displays a collection of bottles, labels, and historical literature on the subject. A small artisanal brandy industry and two wineries complete the tour through cachaça, the raw ingredient of caipirinha, an immaterial heritage of Rio de Janeiro.

At ceremonies, Olympics, World Cups, always where Brazil is officially present, a little bit of Paty do Alferes and Vale do Café are represented. When Brazilians chant the words of the National Anthem, “…forests have more life, beautiful fields smile with more flowers, a deep and clear sky where the image of the south cruise constellation shines…”.

Images of the hymn’s poem, written by Joaquim Osório Duque Estrada, poet, journalist and writer born in Paty do Alferes.

Images that are alive here, and that you will find, strolling through this incredible region. And you will discover, who knows as the hymn says… “in your life, in your bosom, more love!”

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