Miguel Pereira

Miguel Pereira
City of Aromas, Miguel Pereira Lakes, Waterfalls, Sports, Cycling, Roses and Orchids. Cheese. Chocolate. Family tourism especially children.

Among small rural towns, Miguel Pereira draws attention for his peculiar aromatic vocation of well-being. Before belonging to Vassouras with the name of * Estiva, it is a bucolic city in the Core of Vale do Café, which houses many people who left Rio de Janeiro to live there. (* Estiva: bamboo weave placed by the Indians in the mud, to facilitate the passage of cargo animals on the roads)

Known for its production of flowers passed down from generation to generation, orchids and bromeliads, aromatic herbs, handmade soap, essential oils, perfumes, cheeses, chocolates, coffees, forest, lake, rivers; in short, a bouquet of ingredients that immediately transform the air around it, it brings in its DNA the culture of aroma, and the cure by air.

It is the City of Aromas.

Walking between feet full of orange blossoms, smelling rain and wet earth, filling your lungs with the morning dew air . Whoever has experienced knows the inexplicable sensation.

Rio de Janeiro is the second largest producer of flowers in the country. And it is in Miguel Pereira that is one of the only production centers that preserves secrets and ancient traditions.

There are more than 15 florists who maintain the profile of family farming. There are families that have been growing flowers for over 50 years. Miguel Pereira came to be called the city of roses. In fact, flowers love the climate there, and everything that delights by smell, from cheeses, sausages, to chocolates, laurel and aromatic herbs, seems to have chosen that small enclave to live.

As if this were not enough, allied to this peculiar vocation, which has attracted attention since the 19th century, the city today has a strong culture of aerobic sports such as cycling, volleyball, walking and running. To make you open your lungs tightly and kill your soul’s hunger for joy, beauty and life.

And yet, his name pays homage to an air scholar, the doctor and professor Miguel Pereira who, before the discovery of antibiotics, proved by empiricism that Miguel Pereira’s air was decisive for curing lung diseases – which today the world proves, prescribing forest baths, nature walks and much more.

A perfume city that will transform you by its atmosphere

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