Vale do Café

Vale do Café

Welcome to Vale do Café, a cultural and ecological sanctuary of Brazil.

Think of a place where you can stroll along stunning paths by bike, on foot, on horseback, or by car, always in contact with nature. Enter green forest cathedrals and discover one of the greatest examples of citizen made reforestation of the Atlantic Forest  in Brazil. This all under incredible light,  wonderful sky and temperatures.

Vale do Café presents you with an ecological monumental beauty. Also known as the “Paraíba do Sul River Valley” (honey-colored river in Tupi Guarani), it is the guardian of the largest river in Southeast Brazil.  The majestic Paraíba do Sul guarantees life in the two biggest brazilian cities – Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. You may hear in the famous “rose sunset” about fascinating mysteries, tales, fauna and flora around this river basin of water and life.

The Vale do Café terroir offers the sophistication of contemporary Brazilian coffees, award-winning cachaças, crafted beers, emerald teas, delicious cheeses with the Vale do Café seal. It will take you to forgotten arts, the mangalarga marchador horse, archery and living cultural traditions preserved with love. You can buy flowers and handicrafts, visit waterfalls, coffee plantations, gardens, historic farms, quilombos and production sites. This is all framed by admirable and kind people.

Many Brazilian personalities and artists such as Villa Lobos, Getúlio Vargas, Luiz Gonzaga, Oscar Niemeyer, Tom Jobim, came for holidays, eventually acquiring local fazendas. Brazilians reforest here extensive areas since the end of the 19th century, and maintain the architectural heritage that reaches us.

In this valley, Brazilian coffee was born as well as the musical roots that lead to samba, choro, and bossa nova. The mangalarga horse found his habitat, the Brazilian railway network started.

Today the Vale do Café that awaits you, is a scandal of Brazilian Culture and sober beauty, in its perfect distances. 

Shall we?

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