kids friendly

kids friendly

Children love liberty and nature in Vale do Café. And Vale do Café loves children! Entrepreneurs offer an immersion of genuine experiences that are hard to forget.

Horses, golf, astronomy, waterfalls, fishing, camping, lakes, natural pools… The tips are: riding lessons for children at Rancho Quindins, at Pousada Nova Gironda, or Haras Tamba Tajá.

Charriots and horses are available for rental around Lake Javary on weekends. Initiation to golf or night tours to see animals, at Fazenda das Palmas are a wonderful program. Find little beaches and natural pools at Fazenda Mangalarga and São Luiz da Boa Sorte, waterfalls such as the Canal in Miguel Pereira or the Bonsucesso waterfall, in the Serra da Concórdia State Park, in Barão de Juparanã. Go for hiking in the Serra da Concórdia State Park, at Sítio Amazoel.  In Uaná Etê Ecological Garden visit the Music Labyrinth and order the ebook with activities for children. The Coffee Museum with a pedagogical visit at the São Luiz da Boa Sorte Farm is a very good cultural experience. To sleep, look for adventures like camping in the Serra da Concórdia State Park, or try the Farm Hotels with several children’s attractions such as Florença, Santa Bárbara, Mangalarga, Vilarejo and Pousada Nova Gironda.

The Belvedere of Vassouras with playground, running area and telescope are also excellent options. You will have fun and make memories for life! See below for places to help you organize your trip with children around the territory.

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