of artisanal drinks and gastronomy

of artisanal drinks and gastronomy
Vale do Café gastronômico: cafés, kombuchas, cachaças, laticínios, embutidos, cervejas, doces artesanais...entre outros! Uma gastronomia com inspiração nas fazendas históricas, nos tropeiros, nos africanos e nos indígenas que habitaram a região.

Want to taste the territory?

You cannot miss the gastronomic tradition of  Vale do Café backyards.

Follow the string of the hottest and most awarded spirits of the moment, cheeses, coffees, fresh freshwater fish, organic…

Visit its production sites on farms or farms, such as Amázzoni GIN, the award-winning Cachaça Pindorama, Cachaça Werneck and its centenary Alambique at Fazenda das Palmas, Ferdinander creative craft beer widely consumed in the Valley with its malts with sugar cane, Vale Beer a nano pure malt artisanal brewery, the Jesuit Beer at the Hotel Fazenda Santa Bárbara in Eng. Paulo de Frontin, look for bartender Laura Paravatto at Fazenda São Luiz da Boa Sorte, and don’t miss Casa Nehturia’s Kombuchas.

You will find signatures of renowned chefs from Rio de Janeiro who have fallen in love with the region and are developing authentic cuisine from the Atlantic Forest and the Quintais: Chef César Da Costa at the Bistro de Uaná Etê wrapped in Atlantic Forest, Daniel Guimarães Executive Director at Le Vélo Montagne, Carla Adriana do Pesqueiro at Fazenda Santo Antônio, LMP Events by Laura Paravato with fantastic drinks, Fazenda Alliança under the baton of Fátima where you can book surreal lunches for groups. the Empório Sacra Família by Chef Adriana Souza with the Juju Salad made from fresh products from the Valley and the Coffee Risotto. The Rancho Quindins, with an interior flavor and the “Na Tulha” Restaurant at Fazenda União, delivers the wood stove to the table .

If you want to try coffees almost out of your hair – Fazenda Alliança, União, Café Chá Chocolate e Cia, on Saturdays special coffees and Emerald Teas at Bistro de Uaná Etê, Tentaciòn Chileno são a great circuit.

For a taste of sweets, chocolates, cheeses and fresh sausages, head to Doces Zezinho to see a real wood-burning pot, visit the production Bean To Bar (from cocoa almond to chocolate bar) from Terra dos Chocolates in Miguel Pereira, pass by Vale das Cabras with goat cheeses, and Latte Buono with its immensity of cheeses and other renowned organic buffalo products.

And if breads are also part of your tasting list, Sítio Legado has exclusive breads, don’t miss it. Have a nice walk and have a good appetite!

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