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A delicious tour that outlines the Brazilian musical panorama in Vale do Café, Brazil’s cultural and ecological sanctuary. Birth place of Clementina de Jesus, Rosinha de Valença, Herivelto Martins, Osório Duque Estrada author of the poem of the Brazilian national anthem, Vale do Café was also the refuge chosen by Villa Lobos, Luiz Gonzaga, Cazuza, Francisco Alves, and more. 

In two or three days it is possible to understand origins of Brazilian music and see cultural manifestations like Maculelê, Fanfarras, or Jongo: the father of samba, grandfather of bossa nova. On Sundays the delicious “Chorinho” in Mendes welcomes you for a nice morning in the small square. Two renowned creative spaces, maintained by artists, Uaná Etê and Teatro Sonora show the importance of the region’s musical strength. 

The itinerary also includes a Palace that houses a beautiful music Project: PIM. Find also the Francisco Alves Museum, and the Cazuza Cultural Center in the historic center of Vassouras.

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