with coffee

Coffee, is the name of the Valley. You will love the soul of the region, be it special, gourmet, organic, refined, simple, strong, in plantations, in contemporary life or in history.
To discover the coffee blends of Vale do Café, start with the traditional cafeterias (coffee shops) in the region. There is nothing in the mind that has not been sensed, said Aristotle. Café, Chá, Chocolate & CIA is a charming place in Mendes, off a leafy road, in a nice little open-air mall. They offer a coffee paradise: coffee tarts, specialty coffee from the region, coffee with local coffee liqueur, various varieties of cappuccino, summer coffees with ice cream and whipped cream, coffee ice cream, chocolate bars with coffee and own-made coffee truffles (Spíndola Chocolates Finos)…
Make sure to also schedule an evening for Tentaciòn Chileno in Vassouras, which offers in its charming cafeteria & torteria, coffees with whipped cream, cappuccinos, ice cream espresso with Chantilly, coffee tarts … all with lots of personality. It is undoubtedly one of the oldest and best known coffee shops in the region.
Go to Vassouras Café Escola, (School of Coffee) to understand what is behind the universe of coffee in Vale and Brazil. For coffee lovers, there are coffees to take, roast on demand, with personalized packaging. Café Escola offers workshops on the art of coffee for groups, barista training and consulting for coffee businesses.
Another tip to take home, is to look for Café Mata Atlântica – Turisplan, by the doctor and coffee grower Marcelo Motta, who selects grains from his plantations in different places and farms. An unexpected cafeteria with many creative and special coffees, shines at Teatro Sonora, in the center of Conservatória, by artist and singer Juliana Maia. Uaná Etê Eco Cult Garden, dedicates one of its gardens to coffees of archaic genetics, harvested in the forest, and on Saturdays it promotes the day of special coffees to the sound of harp and flute.
Be sure to visit the stunning cafes and coffee plants scattered around historic farms in production. These are wonderful experiences that take place by appointment.
Florença is the largest producer of specialty coffees in the State of Rio de Janeiro and collects several national and international awards. It delights visitors with a unique experience of grinding and tasting special coffees in its charming cafeteria in the middle of the coffee plantation. The separation of specialty coffees on the farm is done by women farmers.
Alliança with its organic production and blends with baristas in the cafeteria, fascinates with a sophisticated experience of new aromas and flavors. The ingenious system of transport and separation of coffee by aqueducts, from the 19th century, complements the visit.
Palmas, has a spectacular system of organic coffees in agroforestry under the command of Sérgio Olaya, a direct disciple of Ernst Gotsch, and offers exquisite tastings, as well as production courses in agroforestry, by appointment.
União (Union) has a charming cafeteria in the coffee plantation, and takes to the summit the sophistication of tasting pure coffee, with the Coffee Ceremony in clay mugs, porcelain cups or glass, bringing special mixes of aromatic leaves. The coffee sold exclusively on the farm, is used for own consumption.
São Luiz da Boa Sorte takes you to visit next to the coffee plantation, the Coffee Museum, the only one in the Valley. Learn the management and a little of the history of the plant. The farm offers tasting, and its coffee is served and sold exclusively on site without external marketing.
A surprising route with lots of energy to enjoy the most consumed drink in the world, after water! A toast to coffee! Cheers!