The pulsating international cultural and sports calendar of the Vale do Café, highlights why you find here, well kept, a true Brazilian sanctuary.

A series of events for everyone, with one detail: stunning scenery. Almost everything happens outdoors. The Theaters of the Valley are gardens, squares, hills and forests. Lots of Atlantic forest, lots of sky, lots of stars.

Interesting to know: festivals around the horse mangalarga marcher, coffee, cachaça and craft beers, flowers, symphonic bands and choirs, vintage cars, tributes to Manoel Congo, Folias de Reis and Festas Juninas (Saint´s celebrations throughout region) are experiences based on the daily life of Vale do Café. To participate is to understand a little more of this Brazilian universe.

For new sensations, be present at the psycho eco cult festival of lights and art in the Atlantic Forest (FLAMA), at the exquisite Festival of Classical and Instrumental Music in historic fazendas and churches (Festival Vale do Café). So don’t miss today’s top photographers at REtrate, the glamorous Film Festival or the renowned Festival Cazuza (MPB).

If you want to be enchanted with gastronomy and flowers, come to the incredible Festa do Doce (Sweet festival), do Tomate (Tomatio festival), the beautiful Exhibition of Orchids and Bromeliads, the charming Gastronomic Meeting of Quintais (Backyards) do Vale do Café, or the Spring Festival that takes place in the region celebrating the flowers … (Atlantic FLOWER).

Now, if your heart is beating even faster for sports, we have the Volleyball World or South American Beach Soccer, the 1000 km walk in Brazil, great Pedal tours … ready. 

It is a breathtaking schedule!

Come on! Get your car, go up to the Valley. It’s all yours!

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